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Tonight is the last night of work, this week, and has been the smoothest night that I can recall, in recent memory. The application I am monitoring was migrated to faster servers a relatively short time ago, and the time between then and now has been punctuated with service outages, and other miscellaneous big problems. This week, however, it finally seems to have calmed down to the point of behaving itself. So that's nice.

What's not so nice is that our supervisor is on vacation all this week, so our shift has been split between the second shift supervisor, Wayne, and the first shift supervisor, Elaine. Elaine used to be the supervisor on third shift, and was switched over to first a few months ago. Our shift, while she was on it, was something of a battle with her around. She is thoroughly unpleasant to work with because of one major managerial flaw she has. She is a champion micromanager. She makes it a part of her managerial duty to come around at regular intervals to ask you directly if you are doing your job.

Don't get me wrong, she's friendly, carries a conversation well, and enjoys having a good time, and under different circumstances, I might even like her, but for her passive-aggressive managerial style. I haven't met anyone yet, at work, that isn't basely annoyed with her. When I'm at work, and she's here, I actually get nervous when I feel the vibration of footsteps approaching behind me.

My point, however, is that tonight is the last night this week, in which we will be working with Elaine. I have a long weekend, with a trip to St. Louis planned, and when I return, Mike will be back. Happiness will return.

2:01 AM, Jul 18, 2003


hagakure responded:

Amen, I used my July 4th holiday to make it a 3 day week. Meh.

4:24 AM, Jul 18, 2003

blas had this to say:

I like that you have comments here now.

10:15 AM, Jul 18, 2003

bahua blurted:

I thought that some people might like that.

1:24 AM, Jul 19, 2003

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