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Aprils Fool

Happy April Fools. I have nothing interesting to tell you about, except to point you at some funnies I have seen on Homestar and Google. I just found out about yet two more trips I'll be taking with the new job, both to the San Luis Obispo area, in California. The first trip will take place in early May, and the second in late June. I am just on the go, lately, or at least I will be.

4:22 PM, Apr 1, 2004


Rachel responded:

Did you meet Mike's parents? They either live close to there, or San Luis Obispo is halfway between San Fran and Seal Beach. One of the two. Either way, you should get out to see (one set of) them!

12:41 AM, Apr 5, 2004

Lev took the time to say:

9:06 PM, Apr 5, 2004

bahua offered:

Rachel, check your calendar. Upon closer inspection, you'll notice that it's not May yet.

Lev, that's awesome. I have http-ified your comment.

10:53 PM, Apr 5, 2004

bahua took the time to say:

Woo! I made a change to Coach Z's page!

3:56 AM, Apr 6, 2004

Some Retard offered:

I was wondering if you'd met Mike's parents when you were there last. duh.

11:03 AM, Apr 14, 2004

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