I made this at the urging of my friend Derek. I travel a lot for work, and he insisted that I present it visually. So I decided to make a graph of the distance I was from my bed for any given night's sleep, for all of 2012.

The first cluster of peaks is when I spent the spring in Brooklyn, with an obvious jump in early April when I went to San Francisco with some great KC people. You'll notice two shoulders on the weeks there. The first was my cousin's bachelor party in Dubuque, IA and the second was the wedding in Peoria/Bloomington, IL.

The lone spike in the summer was a trip to Peoria for another cousin's wedding.

The marching ants starting in August are when I worked in Chantilly, VA. The first big spike there was six days in Portland, OR for my sister's wedding, and the teeny little spike in late October was when I went to Overbrook, KS for a friend's Octoberfest do.

Butted right up against the last week I spent in Chantilly was a visit to my other sister, her husband, and their little boy in Virginia Beach, VA. A small peak at the end of the year indicates Christmas in Peoria, IL.

I'll need to do this next year too.